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Teaching Materials Resource Pack: We Need Your Help!

After a very successful crowdsourcing campaign to create our Community Resources Pack, we’re delighted to be partnering with Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism to compile a helpful guide to teaching modernist studies and database of bibliographies, reading lists, lesson plans, specific tasks, projects, feedback methods, methodological approaches reflective pieces and more.  


Many BAMS members may teach, lecture and lead seminars alongside and after their postgraduate studies. BAMS and The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism are attempting to crowdsource documents from those working in the broad field of modernist studies, to build a strong open-source resource pack focused on teaching modernist studies.

We hope this will allow new scholars to easily access information that will support their academic development, future careers and offer helpful perspectives on pedagogy. It is our view that collaborative approaches to teaching are as vital to the discipline as the collaborative development of ideas, with which we are more familiar. You can see the results of our crowdsourcing campaign so far here. We were delighted at the response from our community and proud to present a selection of tangible examples of successful postdoc applications, CVs, funding applications, conference abstracts and a list of journals. To launch our new Teaching Resources Pack, we need your help again. We are looking for scholars to share documents that they believe will be useful to others.

We are currently looking for materials related to the teaching of modernism and feminism. 

This could mean the teaching of modernist feminists, feminist approaches to modernism, and everything in between. 

All contributions, big or small, will count as full publications. If you’re a newer PhD student who has developed some innovative lesson plans and could use a boost to your CV, or a more experienced educator who can share their wisdom with an international crowd of colleagues, the insight into your practice is warmly welcomed. 

We will be accepting contributions on this theme of modernism and feminism until 21st October 2019. 

If you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you for taking part!

Best wishes,

Gareth, Polly & Cécile

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