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BAMS PG Representative Update 2020

With the BAMS Elections held in January 2020, we welcome a whopping ten new committee members to the team: postgraduate representatives Bryony Armstrong (Durham University) and Josh Phillips (University of Glasgow), and board members Rebecca Bowler (Keele University), Daniel Moore (University of Birmingham), Beryl Pong (University of Sheffield), Rod Rosenquist (University of Northampton), Matthew Taunton (University of East Anglia), Juliette Taylor-Batty (Leeds Trinity University), Alex Thomson (University of Edinburgh), Adam Watt (University of Exeter).

Today, current postgraduate representatives Cécile Varry (Université de Paris) and Polly Hember (Royal Holloway, University of London) look back on last year’s achievements, while Bryony and Josh tell us what they hope to accomplish next. 

Thank you for the music

Dear all,

This has been a big year for BAMS and TMR, and our community is more active than ever. We have put together community resource packs, run lively PGR workshops at the hugely successful BAMS 2019 Troublesome Modernisms Conference and started dialogues about the current state of modernist studies. We are very grateful to everyone who took part in these conversations, in TMR, on social media or in person, and we hope to hear more of you in the future!

As we start the new year, we would like to tip off our modernist hats to the outstanding work of Gareth and Séan, who recently finished their terms as PGR representatives. Their commitment to fostering a kinder, more collaborative research community, as well as the unparalleled efficiency of their project management, have inspired us both, and they have been an absolute pleasure to work with. You can read our collective love-letter to BAMS and the PGR community, along with an account of Séan’s and Gareth’s experience as reps, here

And for now, we are very happy to be passing the mic to our new team members, who are celebrating their first issue as co-editors of the Modernist Review today! We are over the moon to start working with them and look forward to what’s coming next. 

Cécile & Polly

Make it new

We are so excited to introduce ourselves as your new Postgraduate Representatives and co-editors of the Modernist Review. First off, thank you so much to everyone who voted in the recent BAMS elections. We feel honoured to have the opportunity to represent you and be part of taking BAMS from strength to strength for the next two years. And, of course, we are so happy to be joining the team with Polly and Cécile. Fun meetings and masses of onboarding help have been going on behind the scenes; fantastic training opportunities, community resources and TMR issues lie ahead, such as the (now rescheduled) launch of the Modernist Toolbox, and we look forward to helping them to build on past successes and bring exciting projects to fruition. 

Both of us were inspired to run for election because of our wonderful experiences with BAMS’ community. From sharing and hearing ideas at New Work in Modernist Studies to finding a network of researchers on Twitter, BAMS has made becoming a postgraduate researcher not just smoother but more stimulating and – can we say it? – more fun! We can’t wait to help grow this community. Online, we are keen to establish more activities in the vein of #ModWrite, such as virtual seminars, training sessions and writing retreats for those of us who are motivated by accountability and (virtual) company. Offline, we also want to make sure that more people know about what BAMS can offer them, and look forward to reaching out especially to those without social media and to Master’s students starting their postgraduate journey.

We are inspired by the special environmental issue of the Modernist Review in January and would like to echo what was emphatically stated in the editorial: we, too, are aware that the ice caps are melting. Our vision for BAMS very much takes into account the community’s concerns about carbon footprint and waste. As well as growing online networking activity, we hope to support more local events within the modernist community, and encourage sharing more resources online for thesis writing and alternative funding. BAMS has already shown its commitment to addressing these global issues, and we are happy to be joining the team at a time when these concerns are at the forefront of many members’ minds. 

It just suffices to reiterate how grateful we are to be joining the BAMS committee and representing our fellow postgraduates. We can’t wait to meet friends old and new at events and conferences during our term, and would always love to hear from anyone who has suggestions as to how BAMS could even better improve their research experience.

Best wishes,

Josh & Bryony 


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