BAMS Virtual Writing Sessions

You’re invited to Modzoom!

We’re really missing our offices, library spaces, chats over coffees and – most of all – our BAMS PGR Networking Day. We’ll be running virtual writing sessions for all BAMS members, setting up an informal space for us to see some friendly faces over zoom, share what you’re working on and get some words down on the page!

Starting on Wednesday 29th July at 3 – 4:30pm GMT, we’ll be using Pomodoro-style sessions to offer a chance to set aside some time for your writing. Whether you’re working on a paper, article, thesis, essay, editing, sending emails, reading or planning – we hope these sessions create a space to meet (if only on zoom!) and progress with our writing or research together.  

These sessions will run every Wednesday at 3pm GMT. They are friendly, safe and informal spaces for us to come together, say hello, share research if you’d like to and get some words down on the page (awkward zoom wave optional!).

How to to join: If you’d like to come along, simply email to register your interest and we’ll send you the zoom link. BAMS membership info can be found here. Please share widely with any researchers or writers you think may be interested.

If you would like to join in but are not currently in a position to pay for BAMS membership, please email and we’d be delighted to welcome you and we’ll send you the zoom link.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Best wishes, 

Bryony, Polly, Cécile & Josh 
BAMS Postgraduate Reps

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