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To contact the Modernist Review, e-mail:

Interested in contributing? Please feel free to consult and share our rolling CfP, below. We look forward to hearing from you! Our Code of Conduct can be found here and our submissions guidelines can be found here.

Ongoing Call for Papers

This is an ongoing CfP with no deadline. The Modernist Review is published at the end of every calendar month, so submissions will be considered for upcoming issues. The Modernist Review is a digital publication run by the British Association for Modernist Studies (BAMS) postgraduate representatives. Each month, it publishes an editorial discussing the latest developments in modernist studies as well as short contributions by members of the academic community and beyond.

Types of Submission

The Modernist Review is interested in any kind of submission that sheds new light on current trends in modernist studies, from condensed versions of PhD chapters to conference write ups and interviews. Opinion pieces, creative work and teaching commentary are all welcome. The following list contains examples of the kind of contributions you may wish to consider submitting, though it is not exclusive:

  • Articles relating to modernist studies in all its forms
  • Think pieces, notes or observations relating to the state of the field
  • Interviews, discussions and debates
  • Conferences and symposia reports
  • Reviews of books, papers, or other events
  • Creative writing related to modernism or modernist studies
  • Introductions or summaries of research projects
  • Archival finds and reflection pieces on archival placements
  • Advice for teaching, lesson plans, or pedagogical methodologies (see also our growing Teaching Resources pack)
  • Employment advice and discussion of careers, academic or otherwise


Articles should relate to modernism as a period, artistic, literary or cultural movement, or discipline, and be presented in a clear, easily digestible style. The emphasis is on high quality, readability and relevance. All articles should be c.1,000 words in length, though we will consider exceptions.


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