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Online Events Dialogue #1

This time last year, many of us had enjoyed a summer zooming (no, not that kind of zoom) around the UK and further afield, attending and presenting at conferences, symposiums and seminars. Thinking back to last October, many of us had just returned home from the Modernist Studies Association (MSA) Conference 2019 in Toronto. This year, along with many other conferences and events, MSA has been moved online – we were able to watch the roundtable of authors celebrating MSA’s First Book Prize from the comfort of our own homes. This inspiring and insightful event is also available to watch if you missed it live, meaning online events like these are widely accessible and largely open-access. Academia has had to adapt this year, suddenly finding itself unable to hop on a train or flight to attend conferences, meet people and engage with new research.

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Nearly Carbon Neutral Conferences (Teaching Online Dialogue: Responses #4)

‘The first conference in the Western tradition was carbon neutral.’

We are excited to bring you the final instalment in our dialogues on online teaching. In our February issue, Lee Skallerup Bessette started us off with her timely reflection on ‘Teaching Online in Extraordinary Times‘, sparking a conversation between teachers and researchers finding ways to maintain, thrive, or gracefully admit defeat from behind the screen. Last week, Cai Lyons, Laura Biesiadecki and Paul Thifault shared their practical pedagogical advice; this week, Gareth Mills discusses his thoughts on why online might – and should – be the new normal for the academic conferencing arena. Continue reading “Nearly Carbon Neutral Conferences (Teaching Online Dialogue: Responses #4)”

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