The Modernist Review is a monthly round-up of publications, conferences and events from across the diverse field of modernist studies. Every month, we  publish 4-5 articles from early career researchers and postgraduate students. These articles consist of interviews, conference and book reviews, condensed research and more. You can explore our contact area to download the rolling Call for Papers, and access our in-house style guide. Each issue also comes with a short editorial written by the editors.

As modernist studies becomes a larger, more diverse, and more interdisciplinary field, it is more important than ever that new researchers have an accessible, public space to present their research and individual perspectives in a less formal, faster-paced setting than traditional journals. The Modernist Review hopes to foster a sense of connectedness and engagement between academics working at disparate institutions and provide an overview of key developments drawn from a busy research environment. We strongly encourage engagement with articles via the comments sections!

The British Association of Modernist Studies

The British Association of Modernist Studies is a major academic institution based in the UK. The object of the Association (BAMS) is to advance education and knowledge by promoting the study of modernism. As part of this mission, the current Postgraduate Representatives of BAMS have developed The Modernist Review, and act as its editors.

The logo of The Modernist Review was developed from the BAMS one, designed by Rhys Tranter and reflects our affiliation with them as an ECR-centered organ of their educational objectives.

The Editors

Gareth Mills is an AHRC funded PhD student at the University of Reading, working on Wyndham Lewis and the publishing industry. He is a contributing reviewer to the Journal of Wyndham Lewis studies, the Journal of Beckett studies, and the Review of English Studies. He is founder and co-organiser of the Modernist Periodicals Reading Group, and started the academic outreach journal Question.

Séan Richardson is a third year PhD researcher at Nottingham Trent University focusing on the queer geographies of modernism. He is the host of the Modernist Podcast, the curator of the Forster50 exhibition, the organiser of the annual Queer Modernism(s) conference series and the founder of the Midlands Modernist Network. In 2018, Sean was made Christopher Isherwood Fellow at the Huntington Library.

Ruth Clemens is in the dreaded ‘writing-up’ stage of her PhD in Comparative Literature at Leeds Trinity University and the University of Leeds. As such, she has decided to say yes to as many new projects as possible all at the same time, which is how she became co-editor of TMR. In 2017, Ruth co-organised the annual BAMS postgraduate conference in New Work In Modernist Studies at the University of Leeds. She currently lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where she is a visiting research fellow under the supervision of Rosi Braidotti.

Polly Hember is an AHRC and TECHNE funded PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London. Focusing on modernism and visual culture, her thesis explores the work of the POOL group. She is the co-founder of the HARI-funded research cluster NeoRomMods, co-edits the Decorating Dissidence Blog and co-ordinates the technecast podcast.

The Modernist Review was founded by former BAMS representatives Stephanie Boland and Helen Saunders in 2016.


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