BAMS Elections Open.

Today the BAMS Elections open. As postgraduate representatives, this is a particularly exciting time for us. We know that in a few short weeks we will be welcoming new team members on board to work with us, challenge us and invigorate our ideas. When we came on board in 2018, Helen Saunders and Stephanie Boland were finishing their tenure and Ruth Clemens was in the position we are today, right in the middle of her role. Together, we continued the hard work of Stephanie and Helen and built on the foundations they laid, relaunching the Modernist Review, undertaking a new BAMS Postgraduate Survey and organising a bevy of training days to help members get to grips with modernist studies today. We are further excited by the positions open on the Executive Steering Committee of BAMS and wish everyone running the best of luck.

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Editorial: An Open Letter to the James Joyce Community

The Modernist Review has taken the decision to publish an open letter regarding alleged sexual harassment and assault within the modernist studies community and, specifically, James Joyce studies. The letter and accompanying statement can be found here, signed by over 100 academics from around the world.

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