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As postgraduate representatives, the main questions we receive from BAMS members are about accessing information: How do I write a conference abstract? Which journal should I submit to? Do you know anyone who could help me with my postdoc application? How do I start going about organising a conference? These inquiries can be difficult to field, because the answers are various and slippery.

We find the best way to approach these questions are tangible examples: providing someone with a conference abstract, a list of journals, or a successful postdoc application. As such, BAMS has crowdsourced example documents from those working across the broad field of modernist studies that we hope will allow scholars of all stripes to easily access information that will help them prepare for their academic careers.

These materials are contained below. Please note, when reading the documents we have removed sensitive personal information and some information pertaining to specific projects. Each redaction is marked by parenthesis containing the kind of information that is removed: [Name] for instance.

We are incredibly grateful to all who submitted and will be updating this resource pack with more documents as they arrive. If you would like to submit, see our guidelines here.

We have compiled a list of relevant journals within and adjacent to modernist studies here. This is a live document. We encourage submissions.


How to write a conference abstract.
Conference Abstract 1.
Conference Abstract 2.
Panel Proposal 1.
Panel Proposal 2.


How to apply for PhD funding.
PhD Application 1.
PhD Application 2.


Introduction to Postdoctoral Research Funding.

How to apply for a grant, fellowship or scholarship.
Grant Application 1.
Grant Application 2.

Jobs and Applications.

Associate Fellow of the HEA Application
Committee Position Application 1.
Postdoc Application 1.

Academic Cover Letter 1.
Academic CV 1.
Academic CV 2.

Conference Organisation. 

The Pandemic, Crisis, and Modern Studies Twitter Conference took place on Twitter in June 2020, and was organised by Jun Qiang, Tali Kot-Ofek, Diana Mudura, Joshua D’Arcy, Kazuki Inoue, and Xin Hong, the committee members of Countervoices at the University of York’s Centre for Modern Studies. They have generously compiled a guide to successfully organising conferences on Twitter for anyone interested in organising events online: 

Countervoices Blog
Guide for Presenters
The Secrets of Organising a Twitter Conference

The papers and keynote speeches can be viewed on Twitter here.

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