The Modernist Review Issue #6

It is notable that in this issue’s contents there is a pronounced methodological variety: a work of biography, a re-evaulative survey, a single-author study, a practical guide. Yet two themes stand out in this month’s issue of the Modernist Review: retrospection and space, playing out across a long Twentieth Century from a late Victorian fantasy novel to an ongoing podcast in the present day. Continue reading “The Modernist Review Issue #6”


BAMS Elections Open.

Today the BAMS Elections open. As postgraduate representatives, this is a particularly exciting time for us. We know that in a few short weeks we will be welcoming new team members on board to work with us, challenge us and invigorate our ideas. When we came on board in 2018, Helen Saunders and Stephanie Boland were finishing their tenure and Ruth Clemens was in the position we are today, right in the middle of her role. Together, we continued the hard work of Stephanie and Helen and built on the foundations they laid, relaunching the Modernist Review, undertaking a new BAMS Postgraduate Survey and organising a bevy of training days to help members get to grips with modernist studies today. We are further excited by the positions open on the Executive Steering Committee of BAMS and wish everyone running the best of luck.

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The Modernist Review Issue #5: Modernism Beyond the Literary

Lilly Markaki is a PhD researcher at the Department of Media Arts, Royal Holloway. This month, she joins BAMS representatives and Modernist Review editors Gareth Mills and Sean Richardson as a guest editor for an issue examining modernism beyond the literary.

A case-study, two book reviews, a conference summary, and an interview. In line with the publication’s mission-statement, the five articles featured in this special issue of the Modernist Review all capture different facets of our activity within the field of modernist studies. Continue reading “The Modernist Review Issue #5: Modernism Beyond the Literary”

The Modernist Review Issue #4

Merry Christmas from the editors of The Modernist Review!

We are delighted, on looking at the reading stats for this ditigal magazine, to see that we have the roots of a dedicated readership with views and clicks coming in from all over the world. The early publication date for this issue reflects the fact that despite this growth, we have no desire to compete for our readers’ attentions with Christmas pudding.

This issue includes two conference reviews, an archival reflection piece, an essay and a short series of poetry, published here for the first time. It also includes the results of the BAMS 2018 Postgraduate survey, the full results of which we offer to you here.

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BAMS Postgraduate Survey 2018

Following our 2017 findings, in October 2018 we launched an in-depth survey to gather feedback from PhD students working across the broad field of modernist studies throughout the UK. This survey has allowed us to develop our understanding of the general postgraduate community, as well as continue planning to better the support we offer as an association. We present the findings here.

We are exceptionally grateful to all those who filled out the survey and are taking the time to reflect on these results. Initially, what we have found cheering about is that – though there are undeniable systemic issues in academia – respondents feel valued by BAMS and are enjoying the events that we are organising as postgraduate representatives.

Outside of this survey, we have been listening to the feedback given to us at BAMS events and on Twitter. Responding to this, in the New Year we have a trio of special issues planned under the auspices of three excellent guest editors: Lilly Markaki will be editing an issue on Modernism Beyond the Literary, Will Carroll will be editing an issue on Modernism and Visual Culture, and Alana Sayers will be editing an issue on Decolonising Modernism. We are excited to be working alongside them. As ever, should you want to write for one of these issues, please email us.

If you would like to get involved with supporting PhDs across the country, the BAMS elections will soon be opening, and we have two Postgraduate Representative positions opening. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with all current news. 

GarethRuth, and Séan

The Editors

The Modernist Review Issue #3

The prominence of conference reviews in this month’s TMR is reflective of both the flurry of recent activity in the discipline but also of the growing importance of student perspectives. While much attention, rightly, was on the Modernist Studies Association’s major gathering in Columbus (reviewed for us here), UK-based symposiums and events remained widely attended and evidenced in their scope the direction suggested by the diversity at MSA: a broadly defined modernism that is transnational and multipolar. We are pleased to publish reviews this month of the Modern Couples exhibition at the Barbican, the Place, and Protest with Decorating Dissidence conference At Queen Mary, University of London, the Modernist Archives in Context conference at Reading, and a candid account of one delegate’s vivid journeys though the International EAM Conference at the University of Münster, which took place in September.

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The Modernist Review Issue #2

A recent blog post for the New Modernisms books series (Bloomsbury) drew attention to a comment made by Gayle Rodgers, who said that in contemporary modernist studies, ‘no one could claim to know even half of the field at this point, much less a plausible totality’. For a review like this one, the idea that no one person can comprehensively trace the full contours of our protean discipline is both sobering and affirming. For while it suggests that there are real limits to the scope of its inclusivity and coverage, it also confirms the importance of publications that allow frequent bursts of visible scholarship to emerge from the desks of researchers, winking into life onto the screen of a phone or computer. This has a dual effect: in giving regular space to the sporadic green shoots of new approaches and methods employed by developing researchers, the obscure, often marginalised and forgotten subjects of their enquiry are also exposed. In this way a review might become a prosthesis for academics to more brightly illuminate the recently unearthed forgotten people, places and things that have hidden in our collective past.

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Welcome to the First Issue of The Modernist Review

Welcome to the first issue of The Modernist Review, a digital platform that presents exciting new work in modernist studies, as well as a monthly round-up of publications, conferences, and events from across the discipline. Details of TMR, its editors, and its parent organisation The British Association of Modernist Studies can be found on our about page. Every month, we will publish 4-5 articles from early career researchers and postgraduate students. These articles will consist of interviews, conference and book reviews, condensed research and more. You can explore our contact area to download the rolling Call for Papers, and access our in-house style guide. Each issue comes with a short editorial, of which this is the first, outlining that month’s contents. Continue reading “Welcome to the First Issue of The Modernist Review”

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